For Foreigners

My name is Daisuke Yamauchi. Our office (YAMAUCHI Immigration Law Office) is located in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture (Japan), and we’re specialized in Immigration law and International affairs.

Help a foreigner who’s in need

Currently, most of the legal & administrative documents in Japan are made in Japanese (Nihongo) only and not much people can speak fluent English. It is often hard for many foreigners to understand everything in Japanese.

A foreigner in Japan is not allowed to stay without valid resident status(visa) and breaking the rule of immigration law may cause a revocation of resident status or a forced deportation in extreme cases.

We are the legal specialists (gyousei-shoshi);

  • To contribute to the smooth implementation of administrative procedures as well as the convenience for the public
  • To protect the rights of foreigners by suggesting or arranging an appropriate resident status(visa)

Make JAPAN the best country to live

I lived in US when I was a college student. Living in a foreign country is fun, but not as always easy as you wish to be, because of the different culture and the language. I still remember all the people I met in US, who helped me when I was in trouble.

As I was supported by many people and had overcome the hardships when I was in a foreign country, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to be a legal specialist (gyousei-shoshi) to help foreigners living in Japan.

YAMAUCHI Immigration Law Office provides consultation in English for those who are not fluent in Japanese (Nihongo). Let us help you get a VISA and achieve a successful life in Japan, for you and your family.

Hope to see you soon!!


Stay Japan with no time limit

Type of resident status(visa): Permanent resident

Become a Japanese citizen

Apply for Naturalization

Start a business in Japan

Type of resident status(visa): Business manager

Work in Japan

Type of resident status(visa): Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services (ESI), Intra-company transferee, Skilled labor, Technical intern training(TIT), Specified skilled worker (SSW), Highly skilled professional (HSP)

Travel in Japan or Visit family or friends in Japan

Type of resident status(visa): Temporary visitor

Live in Japan with family

Type of resident status(visa): Dependent, Designated activities

International marriage or divorce

Type of resident status(visa): Spouse or child of Japanese national (SCJN), Long-term resident (LTR)

International inheritance


Consultation Fee

5,000(JPY)/ 30 min

※No charge for inquiry by mail or phone

Minimum Charges for preparing documents

Procedure contentsUNIT:JPY
Certificate of Eligibility (COE)110,000
Certificate of Eligibility (Business manager)165,000
Changing status of residence 110,000
Changing status of residence (Business manager)165,000
Extension of period of stay55,000
Permanent resident visa165,000
Acquisition of status of residence55,000
Re-entry permit11,000
Permission for part-time job11,000
Employment eligibility verification form66,000
Apostille certification33,000

【Note1】Revenue stamp expense not included in minimum charges
【Note2】Additional cost may occur for correspondence with overseas representatives or interpretation and translation, or against irregular cases
【Note3】For the charges not mentioned above, we can make a separate estimate along with your request. Please feel free to contact us!!

🔹For those who’d like to start a business in Japan, we can support the following in addition to your visa application.

  • Establishment of company and registration
  • Obtaining a business license(along with your type of business)
  • Capital procurement(bank loans, subsidy) etc.